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There are many benefits to purchasing an INFINITI car, crossover or SUV. Unparalleled luxury, sharp performance, auto service convenience options — the list goes on and on. But one benefit you may not know about is the INFINITI EXCLUSIVITI Program.

What is the INFINITI EXCLUSIVITI Program? It’s an exclusive program for new INFINITI customers that includes access to other services and product makers. Let’s take a look at some of the frequently asked questions regarding INFINITI EXCLUSIVITI.

Your INFINITI EXCLUSIVITI Questions Answered

Who is eligible for the program?

You can activate your membership offer after you purchase or lease a new INFINITI vehicle. You’ll receive a packet of information on the program, which will outline the steps needed to become a member. This membership is free, so you will not need to pay any additional fees to enjoy the perks of INFINITI EXCLUSIVITI.

You will need certain information to complete the membership activation, including your vehicle identification number (VIN).

What type of offers does the program include?

The INFINITI EXCLUSIVITI program offers exclusive deals on services and products through partnerships with outside companies. These benefits vary based on the partnership, though they can include opportunities to save on things like personalized luxury travel and accommodations to private designer shopping.

Can the program membership be transferred?

This membership is not transferable with the vehicle itself, if you decide to sell the car. However, it can be transferred to a spouse or partner.

What happens to the membership when my lease ends or I sell my INFINITI vehicle?

The membership expires when the INFINITI lease ends or the INFINITI vehicle is sold.

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