Travel Safely With These Available INFINITI Safety Features

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Travel confidently knowing your new INFINITI is equipped with the latest Driver-Assistance technologies available. Continue reading to learn more about these safety features. 

Explore the Highlights of INFINITI Safety Technology

Predictive Forward Collision Warning

While it is fairly standard for car manufacturers to include a safety system to avoid frontal collisions, INFINITI offers the world’s first technology that is able to look two cars ahead to predict and react to possible collisions. 


With Predictive Forward Collision Warning, your car will sense if the car directly in front of the vehicle you’re following suddenly slows or comes to a stop. While the car ahead of you may not have time to respond and avoid a potential collision, you will be alerted to respond before the car ahead of you even has a chance to slam on the brakes. This technology will make traveling in heavy, bumper-to-bumper traffic much safer. 

Lane Departure Prevention With Active Lane Control

Distractions and fatigue can happen to the best of us. That’s why INFINITI has created Lane Departure Prevention, which uses camera monitors to read and actively respond to your placement within lane markings when necessary.


With this system, your car will be able to detect if you begin to unintentionally drift into another lane when the turn signals are not activated. You will then be alerted with an audible and visual warning. Active Lane Control will gently apply the brakes and help you countersteer to get back into the center of your lane.

Blind Spot Intervention® System 

Merging into heavy traffic shouldn’t be a headache. Blind Spot Intervention® takes the guesswork out of changing lanes by monitoring potential hazards you may not be able to see. Once your turn signal is activated, radar sensors will scan around your car for potential hazards. If someone is traveling in your blind spot or quickly approaching from behind, your car will alert you with an audible and visual warning to prompt you to return to your lane. The system even helps you countersteer back into your lane to avoid or mitigate a possible collision.

Schedule a Test Drive in West Palm Beach, FL

The best way to experience the benefits of these available safety features is to take one of our new INFINITI models for a spin. We have many new INFINITI cars for sale in West Palm Beach. Schedule a test drive at INFINITI of the Palm Beaches today to see which features will best suit the needs of your family. Give us a call today to get started.

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