These Indicators of Tire Wear Mean It’s Time for Service

September 30th, 2019 by

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Tire maintenance is vital for safe driving. A worn tire can cause you to slide easier on slick roads or go flat easier when you run over something sharp. Understanding what causes tires wear and signs that indicate tire wear will help you avoid having the inconvenience of a flat tire. If you do see signs of tire wear, schedule an INFINITI service appointment.

Indicators of Tire Wear and What Each Means

The Penny Test

An easy method for checking the proper amount of tread left on a tire is the penny test. Place a penny between the tread upside down. If you can see the top of President Lincoln’s head then you need to replace your tire.

Outer or Inner Tire Wear

When the tread is worn on the inside and outside of your tire, it is known as toe tire wear. This typically indicates that there is an alignment issue that can be fixed by a service tech. If there is 2/32 inch of tread left on the tire, it is time to replace it.

Uneven Wear on One Side

When your tires are feathered, or there is uneven wear on one side of the tire, you may need an alignment. If you can see that one side of the tread is significantly smoother than the other side then it is likely too late to fix and you may need a new tire.

Edge Wear

If you start noticing the edges of the tire are worn down, then it is likely your tire is underinflated. This can be a simple fix by stopping by an air pump at your local gas station. Air shrinks when it is cold outside so check your tire pressure often in the winter.

Center Wear

When the center wears down, it is the opposite of edge wear and indicates that your tire is overinflated. Not only does this wear down your tires, but it also affects the performance of your vehicle. Air expands when it’s hot out so pay close attention to your tires in the summer.

Scalloping/Diagonal Wear

If you notice diagonal wear patterns on your tire, you need to schedule vehicle service as soon as possible. This typically means that there could be more serious problems with your vehicle. Scalloping could indicate that your suspension is worn, your tires are out of balance, or shock absorbers need maintenance.

Need New Tires? Try Out Tire Advantage at INFINITI

The Tire Advantage program at INFINITI of the Palm Beaches will help ease the financial burden of buying new tires. This great deal will have you back on the road with tires you can trust. If you don’t think it is time for new tires, our service center can inspect your vehicle to see how you can decrease wear on your tires.