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With a strong focus on performance, comfort, and luxury features, INFINITI vehicles offer unbeatable quality no matter what model year you go with. But with time comes change, leaving many drivers wondering if the latest version of their favorite INFINITI model is worth the upgrade.

We’ve compared recent model years on the most popular INFINITI cars to make the call a little easier.

Compare 2017 and Newest Model Year INFINITI Cars in West Palm Beach, FL

The INFINITI Q50: 2017 vs. 2018

When you choose INFINITI’s sleek small sedan, you can count on exhilarating V6 performance, a sharp exterior design, and excellent safety ratings. Both years also come with available hybrid powertrains for the environmentally conscious.

However, the 2018 model comes with a few updates. The most noticeable will be the increase in soft-touch materials in the interior. The trim naming system has also been reworked completely, with the 2018 model featuring a Pure, Luxe, Sport, and Red Sport 400 levels. There is also greater differentiation between the trim levels in both exterior and interior design.

You can find the 2017 INFINITI Q50 or the 2018 INFINITI Q50 for sale in West Palm Beach.

The INFINITI QX50: 2017 vs. 2019

The INFINITI QX50 took a break for the 2018 model year, but for good reason. It’s back in 2019 with some major changes. Although the exterior design has been reworked, the real headliner is the 2019’s inclusion of the world’s first production-ready variable compression turbo engine. This innovative powertrain adapts on the fly to offer more power when it’s needed and better fuel economy when it isn’t.

Although it isn’t equipped with a variable compression engine, the 2017 INFINITI QX50 stands as one of the most powerful compact crossovers in the segment. Both models also boast tight, car-like handling.

Get your 2017 INFINITI QX50 or 2019 QX50 for sale in West Palm Beach.

The INFINITI QX60: 2017 vs. 2018

The new INFINITI QX60 comes with mostly minor updates. It’s hard to improve much on the classy comfort of this midsize SUV. Both models come with roomy third rows, V6 power, and surprising fuel efficiency. However, if you prefer the hybrid model, you’ll have to stick to the 2017 QX60, as that powertrain was discontinued in 2018.

Both the 2017 INFINITI QX60 and the 2018 INFINITI QX60 are for sale in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Still not sure which model year to go with? Explore our full inventory of new INFINITI cars and compare them for yourself in West Palm Beach, Florida. You can also contact us at (866) 531-8273 with any questions.

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