5 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Car

January 10th, 2020 by

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Another year gone means your car is another year older. And the older it gets, the more attention it requires. 


As you begin the new year, take some time to think about some things you can do to help your car maintain its youth and continue running like it’s brand new again. If you need help getting started, below you’ll find five new year’s resolutions to make for your car. And if you’re looking for a new INFINITI in West Palm Beach, FL, INFINITI of the Palm Beaches has you covered. 

Treat Your Car Better in 2020

1. Change the oil regularly

There’s no simpler way to boost performance and extend the life of your engine than changing your oil at the recommended intervals. Plus, making the small investment to do so now can end up saving you considerable money on repair costs in the future. 

2. Rotate your tires

Make it a goal to rotate your tires at least twice in the new year. Most people do not rotate their tires nearly often enough, which leads to flat tires, “pulling” in one direction and potential loss of control. 

3. Be more diligent about washing and waxing

It’s easy to keep a car looking shiny and clean when it’s still brand new, but it becomes less so once it starts to show its age. Washing your car regularly and applying a fresh coat of wax not only helps your car sparkle but it also offers protection from harmful salt, dirt, and debris. And

not only will your passengers thank you, but keeping the inside of your car clean as well will protect the upholstery and help retain some of its resale value. 

4. Take it in for a tuneup

Don’t wait until you detect something wrong with your car to take it to a mechanic. Regular checkups can identify small problems before they turn into big ones and keep your car performing as it should. Take advantage of INFINITI service specials to make any necessary repairs to your car.    

5. Consider a new car

It’s a new year, so why not a new car? INFINITI of Palm Beaches is the preferred used car dealership in West Palm Beach, FL, but it’s also the premier dealership to find new INFINITI cars for sale. If it’s time to replace your car, the new year is a good time to do it.

Begin the New Year at INFINITI of the Palm Beaches

Visit INFINITI of Palm Beaches to shop for a new car or to receive dedicated INFINITI service for your vehicle. By making some new year’s resolutions for your car, you can make the new year the best one yet for your vehicle — and for you.

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