2018 INFINITI Q50 vs. 2018 BMW 3 Series: How the Q50 Holds its Own

October 16th, 2018 by

Side by side of red 2018 INFINITI Q50 and blue 2018 BMW 3 Series

Let’s face it, we all want our space. Whether we’re walking through a crowd, crammed onto an airplane, or battling morning traffic, we always want a little more elbow room when we travel.

Let’s compare the 2018 INFINITI Q50 to the 2018 BMW 3 Series to see where we can find a little extra wiggle room.

2018 INFINITI Q50 vs. 2018 BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series is luxurious, fast, and fun. But it fails to measure up against the INFINITI Q50 — quite literally.

The INFINITI Q50 offers more front legroom and more shoulder room in both front and back, affording drivers and passengers alike a more comfortable and enjoyable ride.   

There’s also a little more trunk room in the INFINITI, adding a touch of everyday practicality to this luxury ride.  

Another place where you’ll find more room in the INFINITI Q50 is in the fuel tank, where the 20-gallon tank outdoes the 15.8-gallon allotment of the 3 Series.

With more interior space and a bigger trunk and fuel tank, it comes as little surprise that the INFINITI Q50 has a slightly larger body size than the BMW 3 Series overall. But despite a bigger frame, the INFINITI Q50 actually has a tighter turning radius than the 3 Series, making it drive smaller than it is.   

Last but never least in this category of vehicles is horsepower. And most people would be surprised to learn that the INFINITI Q50 actually out-muscles the BMW 3 Series in this category, with 208 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque compared to the 180 horsepower and 200 lb.-ft. of torque produced by the BMW.

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