Quality INFINITI Brake Service | Palm Beach, FL

The brakes on your INFINITI are one of your vehicle’s most important safety features. Without brakes, your INFINITI could become involved in an accident damaging your vehicle and potentially causing injuries to yourself and others. That’s why you must schedule routine maintenance appointments with Schumacher INFINITI. 


According to experts, most brakes will last about 50,000 miles, but it’s recommended you check them more regularly. At Schumacher INFINITI, we recommend that you have a maintenance check every 15,000 miles, where an auto expert thoroughly checks the condition of your brakes. Conveniently we can perform this service when you bring in your INFINITI for a normal oil change with us. 


If your brakes show signs of damage or wear between inspections, you can bring your car to us at INFINITY of the Palm Beaches in Florida. 


Some of the symptoms of wear or damage include:


  • Vibrations in the brakes or steering wheel
  • A Soft or spongy feel when you brake.
  • Strange noises when you apply brakes.


We recommend that you don’t entrust your brake maintenance to anyone but the qualified and certified auto maintenance experts at INFINITI of the Palm Beaches in Palm Beach, Florida. You can trust our dealership because our service team has several years of experience taking care of all types of INFINITI vehicles. You can schedule an appointment with us or contact our service department at (561) 220-5393 to find out more.